Any player that plays 3 games above their grade will be re-graded to a higher grade.
When using a fill-in player, please advise your Club’s committee immediately.


For a player to qualify to play in the finals they will need to play half available games + 1.


A reminder that during our summer season,  the Extreme Heat Policy will be in forced.  To all team managers and coaches. Please call Carey on 0417 398 834 as soon as you are aware of any issues that may lead to your team not attending their game, such as majority of members enacting their fireplan etc.  Carey needs to inform Knox appropriately, as the secretary.

Don’t assume that the game will be called off due to the forecast temperatures, most games are decided, game by game.


The Ranges Committee endorses the Codes of Conduct that have been supplied by Basketball Victoria.  Please remember that we are all out there to have fun and learn.  If you have any questions in relation to someones conduct please contact a committee member or refer to the policy area.


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First team through to the grand final U12/3 girls.. well done won 17 - 9.👍🏀 ... See MoreSee Less

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Here is our line up, time/team/venue for semi final weekend. Good luck to all our teams in your finals endeavour:

W18 Semi Final Fixture
Time Home Team Away Team Grade Venue
8:00:00 AM Ranges G10.2 Basin G10.4 10 Girls D SBC 4
8:00:00 AM Ranges B10.4 Wasps B10.7 10 Boys E Knox 3
8:00:00 AM SEE B10.4 Ranges B10.3 10 Boys DR Knox 1
9:30:00 AM Ranges B10.2 Wasps B10.5 10 Boys CR FHS 2
10:00:00 AM Basin G10.3 Ranges G10.1 10 Girls BR SBC 5
11:00:00 AM Ranges G 8.1 All Stars G 8.1 08 Girls B REC 3
11:00:00 AM Ranges B 8.1 SEE B 8.1 08 Boys B REC 1
11:00:00 AM FTG Falcons B12.1 Ranges B12.1 12 Boys A Knox 1
11:30:00 AM Ranges G12.1 [A1] KSC Phoenix G12.1 [A1] 12 Girls A Knox 5
11:45:00 AM Knox B 8.4 Ranges B 8.2 08 Boys E REC 2
12:30:00 PM Ranges B12.3 Knox B12.9 12 Boys F Knox 6
12:30:00 PM Wasps G12.6 Ranges G12.3 12 Girls D FHS 2
1:00:00 PM Knox G14.2 Ranges G14.1 14 Girls AR SBC 4
2:00:00 PM Ranges B14.1 Wasps B14.1 14 Boys A Knox 1
2:30:00 PM Ranges B14.2 Boronia Buffaloes B14.1 14 Boys AR SBC 2
3:00:00 PM Ranges G14.3 Wantirna G14.1 14 Girls CR SBC 5
3:00:00 PM Ranges B14.5 Wantirna B14.9 14 Boys ER Knox 3
3:30:00 PM Mountain Tigers G16.1 Ranges G16.1 16 Girls AR Knox 5
4:30:00 PM FTG Falcons B16.3 Ranges B16.5 16 Boys D Knox 6
4:30:00 PM Ranges B16.3 Basin B16.3 16 Boys BR Knox 4
4:30:00 PM Ranges B16.6 SEE B16.6 16 Boys DR FHS 2
5:30:00 PM Ranges B16.2 Wantirna B16.3 16 Boys BR Knox 4
5:30:00 PM Ranges B19.3 All Stars B19.2 19 Boys BR SBC 2
5:30:00 PM Ranges B19.2 Saints B19.2 19 Boys B Knox 2
5:30:00 PM FTG Falcons B19.1 Ranges B19.1 19 Boys A Knox 1
6:30:00 PM Emerald Lakers B19.2 Ranges B19.6 19 Boys BR SBC 2
8:30:00 PM Basin G23.2 Ranges G23.1 23 Girls BR Knox 6
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Get on board with this fun filled day... ... See MoreSee Less

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