Things to know


Registration Fees
Season fees are $185 per player in ages U8 – U16.
$120 for U19-U23. The discounted fee for Sunday night teams is they do not attract training court hire as they don’t train.
Court Fees
In addition there is a weekly court fee of $42, this fee is part of your registration fees and requires no further action during the season.
There is a $3 door charge per person to gain entry to game day venues.
Age Group Cut Off
For summer season turning the age prior to 31/12.
For winter season the cut off is 30/6. Eg. If they turn 8 prior to 30 June 2021 they would be eligible to play U10’s.
As a general guide Summer season begins in November runs for 17- 18 rounds for all teams. (Break over Christmas).
Winter season starts end of May / early June and runs until the end of October.
Finals are played at the end of each season.
Game Days
Games are played on Saturday generally between 8am – 7pm & Sundays 5-9.30pm at various stadiums around the foothills. See the venue link on this website for maps.
Teams require coach’s and a team manager and there is the expectation that all families rotate the scoring duty (which isn’t hard, and help is available while you get the hang of it).
Uniforms are $87 and purchased directly by you from the Print Shop in Macquarie Place, Boronia 9720 3585. You would need to ring Carey first to get your singlet playing number. Ranges have very limited stock on hand and may have a uniform for temporary loan.
Training is weekly, and at one of two stadiums: Monbulk or Upwey Colleges. Generally between 4 – 8pm on Monday and Tuesdays at Monbulk. 4 – 7 on Wednesdays at Monbulk. Then Upwey Monday and Tuesday 5-6.30pm. Training schedule is allocated to suit the coach!
Code of Conduct
Ranges have a code of conduct which is found on our website. We strongly promote family values and good sportsmanship. We have a strong expectation that spectators remember that they are watching children’s sport with volunteering coach’s and human referee’s - ENCOURAGEMENT should be the only loud vocalization.