Respect Responsibility Resilience

The 3 Rs
we strive for:


Respect yourself, your team mates, your coach and team officials. Your spectators, family & friends. Respect the opposition and game day referrees. You may not always agree but always respect other’s rights.


You have a responsibility to your coach and team mates. Be on time for games and training. For yourself, bring your drink bottle, have your uniform and don’t rely on others.


Being resilient is a character strength. Winning isn’t important, it is fun but it’s important to learn how to loose. Take defeat and build on it, grow as a person, a player, a team mate. Always congratulate or thank the opposition. It isn’t the refs fault when things don’t go your way!!

About Us

Ranges is a family friendly Basketball Club where players are encouraged to improve their skills as they progress through the ranks and various age groups. 

We provide fair and careful upgrading to keep players at their best level to maintain a strong learning curve without losing the enjoyment of playing.

We are always looking for new players of all ages to join in the fun of playing Basketball with a group of like minded people. Many of the young grow through the grades, finding new friends as they go, giving them an interest in a safe environment. 

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Our Ranges Roar with respect, responsibility and resilience.

Practice makes perfect


Each team has a 45 minute training session once a week with the exception on Total Fire Ban days and school holidays when we go into recess. 

The Club uses two training venues, being Monbulk Secondary College and Upwey High School sports stadium.

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